AVL Media Group was recently approached by Straight Street Event Service to assit with the creation of a new audio system for the Kitchener-Waterloo Skating Club in Waterloo, Ontario. The club, which has more than 2500 members, was looking for a new audio system to address their needs going into the future. They required a system that delivered consistant sound coverage for the rink area (specifically a consistant 80db at the ice surface), and significantly upgraded overall sound quality. The skating club offers many different competitive programs that have trained athletes that are competing at the national and international level. Quality of sound in support of these atheletes was of primary importance.

To ensure the best possible quality, AVL Media Group receomended Tannoy and Lab Gruppen products. Wayne Dietrich from Straight explains that, “the high quality 12 inch dual concentric from Tannoy gives us excellent full frequency response with 90-degree dispersion and minimum phase cancellation when compared with most conventional multi-way speakers.” Part of the project involved correcting the positioning of the speakers to optimize coverage in the spectator areas.

The EASE model predicted they would need 28  28 Tannoy CMS 1201DC, as well as 2 CMS 1201 Subs to create a low frequency extension. The system was powered by 2 Lab Gruppen C88:4 high power 4 channel amplifiers.

“The result is an extremely consistant 82dB at the ice surface and since installation we have been receiving many positive reviews from the Skate Club staff and their members.” Dietrich says, “everyone was very pleased with the results.”


Products mentioned:

Tannoy CMS 1201DC

Tannoy CMS 1201 Sub Woofer

Lab Gruppen C88:4