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TC GROUP – press release

As most of the industry is aware, Music Group acquired TC Group in May of 2015, we are all working very diligently on the amalgamation of the two companies and now have an update on the distribution in Canada for Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, TC Electronic and TC Helicon. Our independent rep firms, BG Media, MM Technologies and Connect West have resigned the lines as of September 30th.

Presently, Music Group brands, Behringer, Midas and Turbosound are distributed through Intellimix/AVL. We will be conducting business as usual between now and October 31st, meaning that all TC orders will be coming into our Kitchener office and invoiced/fulfilled as usual with Intellimix/AVL acting as our reps. Over this six week period we will be preparing for moving full Canadian distribution to Intellimix/AVL and their new state of the art facility in Montreal.

Simultaneously, Music Group is in process of aligning pricing globally, this action will most certainly result in price increases that will be put into effect November 1st, coinciding with the change in distribution. We will all be working very hard to ensure the transition is smooth and we will continue to deliver our quality products with our partners.

Thanks and continued success.

Marc Bertrand

TC Group
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