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Music Tribe Appoints AVL Media Group as its Enterprise Distribution Partner for U.S. and Canada

Music Tribe website advertising image
Music Tribe website advertising image

Enterprise refers to Music Tribe’s Professional Division, which serves the Install and Live & Touring Sound Customers through dedicated distributors, representatives, integrators and contractors, who all work in close partnership with Music Tribe’s Customer Solutions and Technical Support teams.

The company is currently heavily investing in both its Install and Live & Tour Sound solutions, delivering leading-edge products from its Enterprise brands:

• MIDAS Consoles (Install and Live & Tour Sound Products)
• Lab.gruppen (Install and Live & Tour Sound Products)
• Turbosound (Live & Tour Sound Products)
• Tannoy (Install Products)
• Klark Teknik (Install Products)
• TC Electronic (Broadcast Products)

CEO Uli Behringer comments: “We have been successfully working with AVL Media Group for over 10 years to serve our Canadian customers and we’re very excited about AVL’s commitment to expanding into the U.S. market. All of Starin’s representatives will be signed on with AVL to ensure a seamless transition and we like to thank all our Partners and Customers for their trust and continuity.

AVL’s CEO Stephen Kosters comments: “AVL Media Group and Music Tribe are now totally focused on ensuring product availability, replenishing inventories and working with our Valued Enterprise Customers to successfully deliver their projects. AVL has also committed to providing full service and technical support for its U.S. Customers. We are extremely excited about this expanded partnership and we look forward to a bright 2021 and beyond.”

Music Tribe COO David Hunter adds: “Music Tribe is absolutely committed to serving our Enterprise Partners and providing a full solution, product and service offerings through our established and respected channels. We are committed to make product availability our highest priority and we’re currently shipping large amount of inventory to AVL’s new warehouse in Champlain NY.”


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